My Story

 Patricia Rubiano

Pastry Chef

I have more than 23 years of experience as a Pastry Chef in running an international industrial bakery. My business supplied contracts to large retail, chains, hotels, catering companies, bread producers, supermarkets, and restaurants. It also had a direct sales outlet. During this time, I adapted to changing to customer demands and regularly developed new products, converted production from manual to machine processing and was responsible for sales and marketing, staffing, stock control and financial management. I migrated to Australia and I was working on my own in a bakery area. I did teaching with epicurean companies and worked with assessors , where I used my experience and skills to make valuable contributions to Australian businesses. I currently reside in Houston, Texas, developing pastry courses focused on the housewife, the entrepreneur in this branch , and anyone passionate about this unique world of pastry and creative epicurean designs from scratch. Being very passionate in art, color, taste, texture, decoration, I also dedicate my time to painting on watercolor, acrylic, and oil, I really like to develop the abstract painting , accompanied by a lot of color and texture.

My Vision and Mission

My vision is to be a Bakery Artist Company Workshop with fine and unique products. Our products stand out not only for their flavor but also for their presentation, service, knowledge and experience.


My mission is to develop high-quality pastry products, that are innovative, creative and transmit our experience to people through my classes. I use the best ingredients and develop new products in the working area with commitment and trust. You can differentiate “Pattypan Sweets” from others in what we provide to our clients by our exquisite training and finest quality products.

About Us

We believe in making the incredible edible. We are a bakery and painting studio located in Katy, Texas. We love creating innovative products with an artistic touch. We strive to provide tasty cakes, cookies, desserts, puff pastries, merengues, paintings and artistic creations and more.

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