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We love baking amazing creations for the benefit of people who enjoy a quality and innovative product. We also love to share our knowledge and creations with our community and people who like hands-on bakery craft courses. That is why we routinely offer courses at our location and also through the use of technology like the web and online availability.

We specialize in baking cakes for all occasions, commercial and special cookies, cupcakes, desserts, artistic designs, dessert tables, 3D gelatin cakes, frozen products, meringues, puff pastries and much more. Also, we provide painting classes at my location in a creative setting for all ages. Visit our creative designs in our bakery categories.

We specialize in baking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, desserts, artistic jelly, frozen products, merengues, puff pastries and more. Visit our creations page to view all of our bakery categories.

Learn to Bake Your Next Creation

Not only do we love to share our creations with you, we would also love to share our knowledge of how we create our bakery masterpieces. Come on and join us.! Attend our upcoming classes and learn how to bake amazing cakes, cookies, and other spectacular designs! We want you to focus on learning and having a remarkable, baking and fun experience. Simply register for an upcoming class of your choice. We will have all the necessary supplies waiting for you at the beginning of the class. All you have to do is attend and bring your excitement to learn and create your own baking or painting product!

About Us

We believe in making the incredible edible. We are a bakery and painting studio located in Katy, Texas. We love creating innovative products with an artistic touch. We strive to provide tasty cakes, cookies, desserts, puff pastries, merengues, paintings and artistic creations and more.

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